CCTV Drains Survey

Seeing is believing. Take out the guess work, remove countless layers from the process of elimination when diagnosing a problem, and take a first hand look at the internals of your drains. There’s no method more accurate and more revealing.

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Honey I shrunk the plumber

Technology is yet to reach the point where we can shrink our engineers to a size where we can insert them into your drains. Fortunately, and despite a growing list of engineer’s keen for the adventure, we have another method just as accurate and just as revealing. CCTV Survey.

What is CCTV Survey?

CCTV drain survey is quite simple. We insert a camera into your drains. This camera sits on the end of a long wire that travels along the pipes providing a detailed look at the internals of your drains. The images are relayed to a screen, and it’s these images the engineer will use to make assessments.

This procedure is relatively non-invasive, and the technology has been around for quite some time now. In the hands of Gastek Home Safe, CCTV technology provides the best picture you can get as to the condition of your drains.

CCTV technology can reveale precise locations of blockages and blockage causes. It can identify areas at risk of blockage, damage to subterranean pipes, fractures, point of weakness, breaks and poor pipe joins.

Why get a CCTV survey?
  • To accurately identify blockage locations, blockage cause and therefore be able select the most appropriate method for drain remediation.
  • To inspect the pipes on a new property so you completely understand the condition of the service and any intervention that might be required.

  • To get a precise map of the pipes on your property, where they run and importantly, where they are buried. Brilliant for avoiding problems when excavations are required.

  • To precisely pinpoint drainage issues and the exact location of the issue. This avoids a huge amount of time, guess work and often, expensive excavation.

A Gastek Home Safe CCTV Drain Survey is an inexpensive way to get an accurate picture of the condition of your drains. When the survey is complete, our expert engineers will provide a full report and recommendations.

Don’t throw hard earned money down the drain. Throw a camera down instead for the most accurate insight to your drains and the machinations of subterranean pipe life.

Call Gastek Home Safe now and as about our CCTV drain survey. Our advice is as free as the smile you’re sure to receive.


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