Drain Jetting

Call Gastek Home Safe for expert Drain Jetting and have the flow restored and maintained at your house. All for a price we’re confident you will find refreshingly affordable

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Drain Jetting

Drain Jetting is a highly cost-effective method for keeping your drains flowing and in peak operational condition. Drain Jetting is an outstanding method for unblocking drains. Importantly however, a regular scheduled drain jet is the ideal method for ensuring that they never block in the first place.

Engage Gastek Home Safe to undertake a regular scheduled Drain Jet on your property and ensure your drains never block in the first place. At Gastek Home Safe, we look at it drain jetting as an investment. Our experience has shown countless times, maintaining your drains saves you a lot of time and money in the long run.

So, what is drain jetting?

Drain Jetting uses water under high pressure to blast the sludge, scale and blockages from you drain system. This method is incredibly effective and very safe. It can also show up potential flaws in your drainage system that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

There’s a minimum of mess and fuss, and we clean up spotlessly regardless. You’ll never know we’ve been there. Drain jetting is a speedy method with a minimum of intrusion and offers results that we guarantee will provide you and your family with peace of mind and free flowing drains

What to expect with a Gastek Home Safe drain jetting
  • Blockages cleared, and flow restored
  • Scale and sludge removed

  • Cutting edge equipment and highly trained operators

  • Assessment, advice and remediation of blockage causes

  • Industry best practice from all our engineers and technicians

  • Professionalism and work ethics that set the benchmark for plumbing in the West Midlands

  • An invoice that matches the quote exactly

  • A speedy response to your needs and unwavering punctuality

  • Our engineers and technicians are accredited, industry approved and the best in the business

  • All labour and products are guaranteed

Call Gastek Home Safe for a drain jetting right away. Whether you’re drains are blocked up like a nose in flu season or you’re looking to avoid ”˜the flu’ in the first place. Keep you drains flowing unimpaired by the best in the business. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.


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