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Drain Repairs

Functional and reliable drains are essential for the function and upkeep of your property. Broken drains can cause significant damage to your home. Left unchecked, damage from broken and dysfunctional drains can amount to many thousands of pounds in repair. A timely drain repair can avoid this expense and may cost less than few hundred quid.

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Plumbing Services

A stitch in time

It was only a little hole in the drain pipe, no problem. Next year it was only a little bit bigger. No problem. But later, after a New Year’s Eve party, and significant pressure on the toilet and drain pipe, the ”˜little hole’ became a fractured pipe. Sewage rained freely through the ceiling for a good 5 seconds, and you were left with something a little smellier than mud on your face.

Had you repaired what appeared to be a ”˜little hole’ in the pipe you would have been made aware that a more significant problem lay beneath the ”˜little hole’. At Gastek Home Safe our training and experience allows us to spot any anomaly in your drains, however seemingly harmless, and determine an appropriate repair, quickly and cost effectively.

Call Gastek Home Safe for all your drainage repairs. Importantly, we advise you don’t delay, so you can avoid the smelly little scenario above.

Gastek Home Safe are experts in drain repair. We look thoroughly into any problem, fix the symptoms, isolate the causes then remediate. From a patch in a rusty sewer vent to a complete household re-pipe, our expert engineers at Gastek Home Safe provide drainage fixes that stay fixed, we guarantee it.

Gastek Home Safe features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions in Carshalton and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01384 560 856 for a free quote and special savings!

Why is the ground soggy?

At the corner of your house, where a rainwater down pipe connects to the underground pipe, you’ve noticed the turf is very soggy following rain. It’s been like this for quite some time now, but you expect a repair might be expensive. This is a sign you need to call Gastek Home Safe immediately.

Yes, it’s likely we’ll be digging a hole in your yard to repair the drain pipe, but that broken rainwater drain may saturate the ground to a point where the foundations of your house fail. This can put significant cracks in your wall or worse, structural problems. Now that’s expensive relative to a repair on a rain water drain.

At Gastek Home Safe we are strong advocates of addressing repair needs the moment an issue shows up. All too often we have seen the heartache and needless expense that delaying repairs can cause.

Gastek Home Safe prices and fees are structured so that your family can access necessary drain repairs without delay. We understand the demands on local west midlands families, so we’ll take the pain out of your drains, without inflicting undue pain on your wallet.

Our accredited and experienced team of plumbers and engineers can inspect, advise and repair your drains. Our work and products are backed by water tight guarantees, but you can rest assured, we’ll fix it right the first time.

You can call us in an emergency 24/7 or chat to one of our friendly telephonists and schedule a service call. And we promise; we’ll be there at the agreed time. We pride ourselves on it.


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