Drain Unblocking

From tree root incursions, fractured pipes, rust or years of sludge build up, Gastek Home Safe will unblock your drains the first time. What’s more, we guarantee they’ll stay unblocked and flowing freely for an agreed price and an agreed time whether scheduled or in an emergency.Gastek Home Safe should be your first port of call for drain unblocking in the West Midlands. Avoid the run around, go straight for the best. Call Gastek Home Safe for reliability and dedication.

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We Are Worcester Bosch Accredited Installers

Get your A-rated gas or oil boiler and start to save money. Full installation of your new boiler and up to 10 year guarantee for total peace of mind & the option of spreading the cost.

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We know this story

You’ve just washed the dishes and you’ve pulled the plug out of the sink. Nothing’s happening, water is still there, not so much as a gurgle. Yes, you have a problem. As you contemplate the plunger, and whether or not you actually have one, a desperate call comes from the bathroom, it’s your somewhat distressed daughter. The toilet wont flush. And she’s tried 5 times.

This blockage seems serious and clearly this job is beyond the reach of a mere plunger. You need Gastek Home Safe, we’re champions at unblocking you drains. If we can’t unblock it, it simply can’t be unblocked.

Gastek Home Safe employs several techniques to get your system flowing again. Firstly, we identify where the blockage has occurred. Following this, we work out a strategy that is going to clear the blockage, causing you the minimum cost and inconvenience.

We’ll also identify the reason the blockage occurred in the first place and run you by some tips or remediation options to mitigate against further issues down the track.

Don’t let a blocked sewer ruin your weekend. Call Gastek Home Safe. We’ll take care of it, blockage, smell and all.

Your sewer flows brilliantly, but your roof gutters are overflowing

It’s just as important to get the rainwater away as it is the sewerage. Overflowing roof gutters can indicate a blockage in the down pipes or further down the system, perhaps underground in a pipe. In many circumstances this water can make its way in to the house.

Water damage to plaster walls and other household fittings often means replacement. Rain water that’s not trained and controlled can wreak havoc on your home and cost you plenty. Don’t let a rainwater pipe blockage go unchecked. Call Gastek Home Safe. It could be, and often is, as simple as a collection of leaves causing the issue and a very inexpensive fix.

We’ll unblock the pipes, much the same way we do with the sewer pipes. Don’t be tempted to do it yourself. Working at heights or in confined spaces is our specialty, we’re trained, accredited and have decades of experience in dealing with your specific problem.

Call Gastek Home Safe, we’ll unblock your drains whatever type they may be and get your waste water flowing now. From a kid’s toy stuck in the S-bend to decades of build-up in a subterranean pipe, we’re the specialists and we’ll fix it.


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