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In many circumstances a boiler installation can be a big and sometimes complex job. We understand this, so prior to installation, we plan the process thoroughly to ensure there is minimum disruption to your home and family. We take pride in all of our work and have over 350 online reviews to reinforce our commitment to 100% satisfaction. Contact us today for immediate assistance.

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Boiler Installation Services

If there’s anything that will see you blow your boiler, it’s a plumber that takes to your house like a wrecking ball. With the old boiler jammed on the balustrade and the water tank protruding through the ceiling, the plumber tells you now that a critical part is missing and a week away from delivery.

With a wry smile and a “sorry love” the plumber departs, leaving your home like a war zone and very much in the cold.

Sadly, this story is non-fiction. All too often, rough n ready, cheap n cheerful operators offer ”˜too good to be true” rates for boiler installations. Don’t be fooled, it’s most definitely a false economy.

Gastek Home Safe offer affordable peace of mind for our clients when getting new boiler installations. Our technicians are class operators, experienced in all types of boiler installations and gifted with the skills to accurately assess your situation and offer advice you can bank on.

Give us a call and we’ll drop by to your house to offer assessment and advice. We specialise in all types of boiler installations, be it gas oil or electric, an existing property, a new development or renovation.

Here’s how Gastek can help you with your boiler installation

  • Renovating? Many renovations require the relocation of existing boilers, their peripherals and hardware. Call us before you start swinging the sledge hammer and we’ll be with you from the design phase to the final drop of polish on the flue.

  • Converting to gas? We take you through the entire process, so you are completely informed before you sign. You’ll understand how the new technology will work relative to your family’s needs and lifestyle. We’ll plan it with you so there is a minimum of disruption to daily function in your household. We’ll rein in the mess, remove the old system from your property and ensure everything is functioning perfectly before we depart.
  • Replacing your old oil boiler with a new one? Assessment of your circumstances is important before committing. We’ll be there to guide you. Your system will need to be flushed, your water tank may need replacing also. Our service is complete, we don’t just bolt up the new boiler and go. We ensure that the entire system is working in concert with your new boiler.

  • Is your old boiler placed in an obscure or difficult position? Over time, additions and renovations to properties make boiler removal and replacement installation difficult. Doors, architrave, balustrades and other such integral parts of your house need to be removed to facilitate the process. Our experienced technicians are trained to recognise these problems from the outset. Our preliminary assessment ensures there are no surprises when the new boiler arrives for installation.

Here’s what you can expect from Gastek Home Safe

  • Dedication to exceeding your expectations.

  • Outstanding advice, service and technical knowhow from your initial enquiry to the handshake on completion.

  • We live up to the responsibilities of our hard-won accreditation. Our work is reliable and consistent. Our work ethic is beyond question and our professionalism will always be apparent.

  • We want to stay with you for the life of your appliance. We get to know you and your family’s needs so that future installations or maintenance calls are easier and more efficient. We’re dedicated to Should be Serving our clients for long term.
  • Prices that understand the financial and time demands on the average West Midlands family. For us, it’s critical that Gastek Home Safe are accessibly priced, and remain in tune with the busy lives of working families.

A new boiler installation should never evoke the fears global catastrophe. With appropriate advice, appropriate planning and with Gastek Home Safe, a boiler installation is a walk in the park. Call us now, we’ll be at your place shortly.


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