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Oil to Gas Conversion Birmingham and West Midlands

Let Gastek Home Safe take care of your oil to gas conversion and discover the cleanest, most efficient and convenient way to power your family’s domestic bliss.

Oil to Gas Conversions Services

Your old oil boiler has become so temperamental and demanding, your current plumber has set up office next door to your house to cope with your boiler repair call out demands. He’s also bought a new Porsche. Hmmm”¦

You know it’s time to retire the old boiler, past time in fact. It’s ridiculously inefficient and it’s costing more to run than your children. That’s expensive. Probably best to retire your current plumber too and call Gastek Home Safe.

You’re deliberating long and hard because you’re considering converting to gas. You suspect there will be a sizeable cost attached to a conversion but the rumours you’ve heard about saving on power costs are keeping you firmly interested in the oil to gas conversion.

These supposed rumours are indeed fact. A conversion to gas can save you hundreds on your annual power bill. But wait, there’s more good news, a lot more.

Oil to Gas Conversions Services

Gastek Home Safe features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions in Carshalton and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01384 560 856 for a free quote and special savings!

Oil to Gas Benefits in a Nut Shell

  • Firstly, as we said before you can save hundreds on your power bills. This accumulates to many thousands over the lifetime of your system. This means that over time your new system will have paid for itself.

  • You no longer have to concern yourself with running out of oil. Gas runs constantly onto your property. Set and forget, never order oil again.

  • You can remove the water tank and the oil tank from wherever they rest. They’re no longer required. This frees up space for things like more storage, or, as with some tanks, a 500-seat concert hall. Brilliant!

  • With gas, it’s instant heat. You have a constant source of hot water. You don’t have to waste an Olympic pool worth of water waiting for the shower to get beyond absolute freezing. No immersion heater, no running out of hot water.

  • Cut your carbon footprint in half. Gas is cleaner, so for those interested in doing their part for the planet, gas is a wonderful solution.

  • Efficiency wise, you new gas boiler will blow away your stubborn old oil boiler. Look for efficiencies of up to 90% as compared with the 60% or worse you’re getting from the old system.

  • With gas on the property you can convert the kitchen to a chef’s dream. Cooking with an electric hob does the job, but your Asian stir-fry’s and soufflés will get Michelin star status with a gas hob and oven. Why not add a bayonet to the back deck and install an outdoor cooking system. Fabulous BBQ’s come the warmer months. Or why not cook in the snow!

Don’t look at an oil to gas conversion as a chore or an unwanted expense. In fact on the contrary, it’s a worthy investment that will enhance the quality of life for your family, save you plenty of money in the long run and add value to your home.

Talk to our qualified experts at Gastek Home Safe. We’ll take you by the hand and lead you through the process in layman’s terms. We’re big fans of gas and you will be too.

Research clearly demonstrates that 90% of those who convert to gas see the benefits instantly.

Gas. It’s not all hot air. It’s a better way to power your home. Call Gastek Home Safe now. We’re happy to advise, no obligation.

Why Use Gastek Home Safe for your Oil to Gas Conversion?

  • We are Gassafe and NIC approved. It’s this accreditation that provides you with peace of mind.

  • We are one of very few diamond accredited Worcester Bosch boiler installers. We have earned this accreditation through excellence in service and quality of workmanship. This level of accreditation is not just handed out, we’ve earned it, and it is strong testament to our skills and professionalism.

  • 300 plus awesome customer reviews are further testament to our expertise and quality of service.

  • We understand that removing old boilers and tanks can be a tricky and messy task. If you think you home presents challenges, don’t worry, we’ve dealt with worse. We treat your home like it’s Buckingham. When the jobs done, the only thing we’ll leave behind is your house as we found it, with the addition of a brand-new boiler with products and work guaranteed.

  • We are proud of who we are and we dress and present in a way that reflects our brand. When our technicians arrive at your door, you’ll know exactly who they are. What’s more, we’ll be at your house at the time we’ve agreed on. No exceptions. We value your time.

  • We have finance options available, so you have access to a brand-new hassle-free system now. We also have scheduled maintenance plans to ensure your boiler stays in 'out of the box’ condition.

  • The quote you receive will match the numbers on the invoice. It is what you’ll pay. You will know up front, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

Now more than ever, converting to gas makes sense. Call Gastek Home Safe for a friendly chat about your options. For the best morning shower you’ve ever had, call Gastek Home Safe. We’ll put the steam back in your bathroom.


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