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Get our Bronze boiler and home emergency cover ”“ help keeping you warm and worry-free.

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Your questions answered

What if I already have a home emergency plan elsewhere?2018-12-14T12:26:24+01:00

You should be able to cancel and switch to Gastek Home Safe. For more information, please call our sales team on 01384 560 856.

When does my cover start?2018-12-14T12:27:36+01:00

Your Gastek Home Safe policy starts on the day your application is accepted. However, there is an initial 30-day period where you cannot make a claim. This is to prevent pre-existing problems and to keep our prices low.

What are your response times?2018-12-14T13:05:23+01:00

In the event of an emergency (an uncontrolled water leak), we aim to have someone with you within two hours. For other faults, we will do our best to have someone with you on the same day if you call before 9.00am or within 24 hours of your call.

In the event of a gas leak please call the Gastek Home Safe Emergency Service on 01384 560 856

When will my boiler be serviced?2018-12-14T12:29:37+01:00

Your boiler service will normally be carried out towards the annual anniversary of your policy. Our boiler services usually take place between March and October following the year your policy began. When you sign up, you will be advised what month your boiler has been scheduled for and the month prior to this, we will be in touch to arrange a suitable day and time for one of our engineers to conduct it.

Are there any callout or excess charges?2018-12-14T12:30:23+01:00

No excess charges.

Am I tied into a contract?2018-12-14T12:31:30+01:00

No, you are free to leave us at any time, however cancellation charges may apply.

If you cancel the policy within 14 days of the date you receive your policy documents, we will refund the premium
paid for the current policy period with no charges.

If you cancel the policy after the first 14 days, we will refund premiums already paid for the remainder of the current policy period. Cancellations are subject to a £30 administration charge, along with any claims fee’s if you’ve cancelled within the initial policy period.

What will happen to the price after the first year?2018-12-14T12:32:15+01:00

Your price is fixed for the first 12 months ”“ even in the event of a claim. Any price increase for the subsequent year will be communicated prior to the renewal date. We endeavour to keep our prices as low as possible for our existing customers as well as new ones. Certain promotional offers may have extended fixed price period.

I have received a promotional offer. Can I sign up online?2018-12-14T12:33:41+01:00

Yes, simply enter the promotional code you received in the letter into the “Have you received Gastek Home Safe mail?” box and follow the on screen prompts. If you have any problems or questions, please call our sales team on 01384 560 856.

I’m not clear about the differences between the promotional offer and your standard products?2019-09-20T14:10:00+01:00

Details of our standard products can be found at www.gastekhomesafe.co.uk/home-cover. Our seasonal offers are unique invitations to carefully selected individuals. We strive to provide sufficient details in our promotional literature, however recipients are encouraged to call our sales team on 01384 560 856 to answer any questions you may have.

What locations do you cover?2018-12-14T12:50:25+01:00

We cover the majority of the West Midlands. If you are unsure if we serve your area, please contact us on 01384 560 856.

What type of properties do you cover?2018-12-14T12:37:48+01:00

We cover all types of houses and flats.

Do you provide Landlords/Buy-to-let cover?2018-12-14T12:39:14+01:00

Not at present.

What type of boiler and heating systems do you cover?2018-12-14T12:59:52+01:00

We cover domestic central heating boilers supplied by mains gas. We cover 95% of all domestic boiler brands and models. If in doubt, please call us on 01384 560 856.

We also cover radiators and heating controls supplied by domestic mains gas boilers.

We do not cover:

Ӣ LPG, Oil fired, solid fuel or electric boilers and heating systems.
Ӣ Back boilers or dual purpose boilers such as AGA or Rayburn.
Ӣ Central heating and/or controls specifically designed for piped or electric underfloor systems.

Once I’ve signed up what happens next?2018-12-14T12:45:08+01:00

Once you have signed up successfully, full details of your cover will be sent to you by post or email (depending on your preference). Your personal policy schedule and policy booklet will be included providing all the details you need to know about your policy cover.

Do you employ your own engineers?2018-12-14T12:52:41+01:00

No, we’ve a network of independent engineers that provide our services to our customers. Local engineers can be great, if you get the right one. We’ve helped take those risks away by making sure every local engineer in the Gastek Home Safe network is vetted rigorously. Our network helps us deliver our best possible service and faster callout times. Our call centers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I get a morning/afternoon appointment?2018-12-14T12:53:52+01:00

Of course, our local engineer will contact you and arrange a convenient appointment time.

Can I pay annually?2018-12-14T12:54:42+01:00

An annual payment option is not available on our website, however if you prefer to pay annually this can be arranged by calling our sales team on 01384 560 856. If you choose to pay annually it may be possible to bring forward your annual boiler service.

What are the claims limits?2018-12-14T12:56:51+01:00

The claims limits are as follows:

  • Central Heating Boiler and Central Heating System ”“ A combined limit of £2000 per claim. Please note, Central Heating Boiler cover claims are limited to £300 per claim in the first three months of cover when taking out your very first policy.
  • Plumbing and electrics ”“ £2000 per claim.

Where included in your policy the limits are as follows:

  • External drains – £2000 per claim.
  • Taps and Toilets – £2000 per claim.
  • Water Supply Pipes – £2000 per claim.
  • Gas Supply pipes – £2000 per claim.
  • Internal Drains – £2000 per claim for policies taken out after 26th September 2018. £1000 per claim for policies prior

Boiler replacement

  • If boiler is less than 7 years old at the initial policy start date and less than 10 years old at renewal, we will pay up to £2,500 for the boiler replacement
  • If your boiler is 7 years old or more but less than 10 years old at the initial policy start date and less than 10 years old at renewal, we will pay a contribution of £400 towards the boiler replacement
  • We will not replace a boiler which is deemed beyond economical repair during the first 6 months following the Initial Policy Start Date.

For further information, please refer to the full policy terms and conditions.