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Leaking Taps, How To Fix a Leaking or Dripping Tap

Help and advice on how to repair a dripping tap and why Your leaking taps are costing you plenty of money

It’s only a drip. The tap in the back garden drips a little. The one in the front garden, a little more,but they’re only drips. What harm can it do? Well, what harm throwing money away?

There are several very good reasons to stop dripping taps. Firstly, it wastes water. While the West Midlands might not be the desert, waste is waste. Secondly, a dripping tap, depending on where the drip falls, may be impacting the foundations of your home.

Poorly directed and controlled water, like drips, can have other impacts on the home, it’s fixtures and features, that can cause unwanted wear and damage.

We believe these reasons alone provide enough motivation to address faulty taps. For most of us however, the driving motivator is the cost. It’s only a few drips, but you might be surprised to learn just how much water is escaping unnecessarily.

A leaking tap can waste as much as 20,000 litres of water per year. That’s just one tap. Imagine if your home has three or four taps that leak constantly. Imagine more. This is by no means uncommon.

A normal home of modest age can have several leaking taps that simply goes unnoticed. If you knew this was costing you 200 quid (more in many circumstances), you’d probably get them fixed.

Here’s what you do to stop dripping money (taps)

  • Go through the house, inside and out, and check all the taps. Identify the leaking taps, and those that ”˜feel’ a little dodgy; hard to turn on or off.
  • If your handy, simply go about changing the washers. It’s a very inexpensive fix and a great job for a lazy weekend. Just think, half a Saturday (or less) may end up being 200 pounds in your pocket. Just be aware of taps that are too stiff to unfasten. You can damage pipes with too much force on the wrench. If in doubt, call Gastek Home Safe.
  • Call Gastek Home Safe. We can drop by your house and assess all your taps. We’ll probably do the fix on the spot. If you have a few leaking taps, it’s likely you’ll save more money than you spend on the fix.

Nobody likes to throw away money. By letting your dripping taps drip, you’re doing just that. Make a commitment to assessing your taps and getting on with the simple fix.

For those of us that don’t have the tools and knowledge, we have Gastek Home Safe. Give one of our friendly telephonists a call and book an appointment. Our technicians are second to none, and we’ll stop the drips, guaranteed.


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