Bathroom & kitchen Remodelling

Bathroom and Kitchen remodelling, restorations and renovations are exciting. Nothing completes a home quite like a modern kitchen and bathroom, replete with the latest appliances and services.Ensure you get the best you can afford by letting Gastek Home Safe take care of your Kitchen and bathroom renovation.From advice and design to the final lick of polish, Gastek Home Safe will deliver kitchen and bathroom renovations you can be proud of. It will add huge value to your property and usher in a new era of home comforts for you and your family.

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Do You Really Want to Let Dad Do It?

Most of our technicians are fans of DIY. They’re experienced however, and they know the traps. If you’re intending on getting grubby yourself and mucking in for the project of a life-time, talk to us first.

We are all too aware that serious and very costly mistakes can be made. From the point of design to gutting the current room, it is possible to make regretful errors from the outset that turn an exciting project into a recurring nightmare.

You have options here. You can put the entire project in our more than capable hands or you can chat to us about your vision and tell us how you feel we fit in.


Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bathrooms

  • Bathrooms and kitchens are power and service heavy. You will need Gastek Home Safe technicians to carry out all services work
  • Functional bathrooms and kitchens are born from the understanding of sound design Principles. Talk to us about your ideas. Gastek Home Safe will help you ensure the aesthetic vision you have meets the functionality you desire
  • A full kitchen or bathroom renovation will disrupt the daily function of your household. When Gastek Home Safe undertake your renovation, we’ll provide a detailed schedule, so you will Know exactly what to expect. The ability to plan can mitigate against much of the inconvenience of living temporarily without a functional bathroom and kitchen during construction
  • A well-designed and well-fitted kitchen and bathroom will add huge value to your home. A poor job will actually devalue you home. Engaging Gastek Home Safe ensures you get the former. Brilliant design, expertly executed, on time and on budget

  • Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. If your thinking about the future and resale value and speed, Gastek Home Safe can help you design and install bathrooms and kitchens that will significantly enhance the appeal of a property.

Whether you are sprucing up a rental to encourage A speedy uptake of tenancy or designing an enduring masterpiece for the family. Gastek Home Safe are the experts in advice, design and workmanship.

Gastek Home Safe are bathroom and kitchen masters. If you haven’t engaged Gastek Home Safe, you’re missing out on the best. Call us now and get re-acquainted with a style of service That’s been lost in the drive through era.

Call us for a chat. Just quietly, there’s nothing that inspires our technicians and engineers more than a renovation. They’re proud of what they do.You will be too.


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