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Finding reliable and affordable plumbers in Birmingham is as easy as a phone call to Gastek Home Safe. What’s more, Gastek Home Safe speak your language and understand the old-fashioned value of impeccable service. We deliver on our promise, no exceptions.

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Keeping the water hot with your Plumbers in Birmingham

Waking up to a cold shower is the pits. A broken or temperamental boiler puts a major dampener on functional family life. Don’t endure it any longer. Gastek Home Safe boiler service returns the steam to your bathroom at a price you will find surprisingly and refreshingly affordable.

It doesn’t matter the type or age of your boiler, Gastek Home Safe can advise, repair, replace, convert or upgrade your boiler, returning consistent, reliable hot water to your home and family.

Priced for the residents of Birmingham

We understand the pressures and financial demands of maintaining a home. Gastek Home Safe offer payment plans and options on our already accessible fees. We want to ensure you can act now and spare your family the hassle of putting up with the boiler blues any longer.

Gastek Home Safe can advise on and implement a scheduled maintenance Programme that will keep your family in hot water indefinitely. It’s set and forget, very affordable and we can promise; your boiler will have a much longer working life and you will save money on power bills and breakdown call outs.

Is my boiler in need of a plumber?
  • Is your boiler noisy?
  • Is there obvious physical damage to the flu, boiler housing or pipes?

  • Is the water coming from the taps tepid, cold or inconsistent in temperature?
  • Is your boiler older than 10 years and never been serviced?
  • Do the readings on the gauges conflict with actual function?
  • Does your boiler leak? Even slightly.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions you need to call Gastek Home Safe for a boiler check-up. Remember, don’t delay, A timely service will save you a heap of hard earned cash in the long run.

For reliable hot water and peace of mind call us now. Gastek Home Safe are your plumbing specialists in Birmingham. Call us first and call us now.


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