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Why Do My Pipes Leak and What Should I Do About It?

There are several common causes of leaking pipes. One of them is dad putting a shovel through a clay sewer pipe while he’s gardening. This is an obvious one, and we wont address that here. Just remind him that overzealous hole digging can be problematic.

Aside from that there are five common causes of leaking plumbing lines that it is wise to be aware of. Firstly, awareness allows us to be pro-active in cost saving preventative maintenance.

Secondly, it assists the plumber should a call out be required. The more information you can provide the technician, the faster a fix can be implemented.

Water can have a devastating effect on your house foundations as well as the materials of which it is constructed. Regular maintenance and prompt repair can save headache, heartache and the big costs of water damage reparations.

The list below features the common causes of plumbing leaks, how they happen, how to prevent the problem and what to do if the problem occurs.

  • Blocked Drains
    A blocked drain is the grand master of plumbing leaks. Pressure can build up in a blocked pipe causing leaks, commonly at joins. To prevent this, keep debris from the pipes to avoid build up and blockages.
    Try simple measures to eliminate blockages in the early stages, such as a plunger or chemical additive. Call Gastek Home Safe for an inspection or hydro jetting to clear serious blockages.
  • Corroded Pipes
    Again, blocked drains create and accelerate corrosion. Keep them flowing. More often than not, simple wear and tear is at the heart of the problem. Have Gastek Home Safe inspect the corroded pipes, advise and implement a fix.
  • Temperatures
    Radical changes in extreme temperatures including extreme temperatures alone, put tremendous pressure on metal pipes. Metal expands and contracts because of temperature variation creating the potential for leaks. Make sure your exposed pipes are insulated.Gastek Home Safe can help here. Give us a call. Get on to it promptly however. Leaks can be devastating for your home.
  • Earth Movement
    From season to season and over time the earth that houses many of your pipes will move, change, settle, expand and contract. This is natural, but it can cause pipe brakes and cracks.Commonly, pipes become separated at joints. This can be very serious. If you have identified a soggy, smelly area in your yard or a blockage in the waste drains that is difficult to detect, call Gastek Home Safe.A leaking subterranean pipe can have a devastating effect on your homes foundations so should be addressed immediately. To avoid the issue in the first place, have a regular scheduled drain checks. They’re worth their weight in gold as they prevent small problems turning into huge problems.Call Gastek Home Safe. A drain inspection is very affordable. It puts you in the picture and provides peace of mind.
  • Poor Seals
    Seals are generally made from rubber or plastic. Over time these seals wear. A common source of leaks, poor seals should be addressed promptly.

Remember, uncontrolled, unchanneled water will damage you home. Replacing a seal is often a simple, inexpensive fix. Call Gastek Home Safe, a timely call out to replace a seal can end up saving you big dollars and a massive repair job.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, water can have a devastating effect on your home. Inspecting pipes and quickly remediating damage, wear and breakages will save you cash and worry. Be pro-active and keep an eye on your pipes. Your ears and nose are also great senses for keeping a weary heads up to problems.

If in doubt, should you have an leaky emergency or for a preventative inspection, call the technicians at Gastek Home Safe.


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